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Investing the Fundamentals 

We are committed to investing in the essential infrastructures that form the backbone of transformative technologies. Our focus is on foundational systems to support innovative teams and projects that drive advancements in these critical areas, ensuring robust, scalable, and efficient solutions that enhance the overall value and functionality of internet services. By nurturing these core infrastructures, we aim to enable the next generation of technological breakthroughs and sustainable growth.

OSIfication of transformative internet technologies. 

Open Systems Interconnection model (OSI) is a conceptual model from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) providing coordination of standards development for systems networking.


OSI serves as a foundational framework in Sparkle’ original investment approach, to identify the shifts in the value of internet networking infrastructures and release our core investment focus, leveraging blockchain distributed systems, AI/ML automation systems, virtualisation technologies


Our objective is to support the specialisation of infrastructure components harnessing the complementary value of transformative technologies, by enabling the emergence of enterprise-grade standards and services. 

AI/ML automation technologies 


Expanding data generation, challenging the ability to label the task and manage resource-intensive tasks.


Virtualisation technologies 


Enhance cross platforming of user sessions as well as improving data processing and reducing latencies.

Blockchain distributed systems 


Task orchestration for networking peer-to-peer communication, compute, prove and store data. 


Investment areas across the internet architectures in a compact OSI-layered view. 

Three trends enhancing new value chain in the use and distribution of internet services. 

Multimodality of AI and automation systems. 

AI-driven productivity growth is poised to match, if not exceed, the adoption rates of electricity and information technology.

Multimodal compute faces the decreasing hardware marginal efficiency in addition to the shortenings in the computing supply chain. The support of productivity gains in software development requiers large scale investments into specialised computing and domain specific architectures.


Open-source developments are trickling down capital and efficiency gains, led by open-source developments offering more modular systems. 



Performances and limitations of conventional hardware Data from Hennessy and Patterson, Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach, 6/e 2018.


Modularity of Blockchain Infrastructures.


Modularity is a specialisation phenomenon making blockchain-based services more scalable, observable across wider diversity and composability of technical increments.  

Topological "shortcuts" towards the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) framework are concretely changing the distribution of web services, enabling portability of user credentials assets or mitigating dependencies to OS and devices.

Witnessing an horizontalization of supply and parallelization of processes similar to what happened in the computer industry, Sparkle anticipates value accrual across data availability and computation with aims to solve the tradeoffs 


Induced tradeoffs in the scalability of blockchain architectures are orthogonally made between Data Availability and Computational capacity.

Connectivity of the Cyberspace.


Cyberspace is a global communication space, unifying networks and individuals on autonomous, disintermediated and distributed infrastructures.


Spatial computing middleware components are improving interaction between connected entities, leveraging mobile edge computing, 3D rendering engines, geospatial mapping and various integrated deployment environments.

Improved connectivity offers major breakthrough in the internet browsing, enhance cross platforming of user sessions as well as improving data processing and reducing latencies. 



Increasing internet software and bandwidth performances. 

Data from Nielsen Institute, 2022.

Guided by a forward-looking and long-term vision, our mission as investors is to cultivate lasting growth and transformation.

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