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Selection of portfolio companies

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Absolute Labs

SaaS Wallet Relationship Management platform. AbsoluteLabs has created a SaaS Wallet Relationship Management platform, providing an infrastructure for identifying, segmenting, engaging and managing customers in Web3. Corporate strategies adapting customer relationships to digital consumptions requires a proper management flow of blockchain data, users accounts and associated digital assets. CRM is the cornerstone for the smart activation of seamless integrated services with marketplaces, third-party wallet providers or payment services. The company is founded by CEO & co-founder - multi-entrepreneur accumulating +12y experience in mobile analytics and CRM. He is also the founder of Bryj technologies and ex-CEO of FollowAnalytics, a Series B+ software specialized in mobile marketing analysis and automation, integrated to SAP.

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Enterprise-grade SaaS staking, institutional liquid staking. Kiln is an enterprise-grade staking platform, enabling institutional customers to stake assets, and to whitelabel staking functionality into their offering. Kiln runs validators on all major PoS blockchains, with several billions worth of stake under management and running over 3% of the Ethereum network, on a multi-cloud, multi-region infrastructure. Kiln also provides a validator-agnostic suite of products for fully automated deployment of validators, reporting and commission management, enabling custodians, wallets and exchanges to streamline staking operations across providers. Kiln is SOC2 Type 2 certified. The company is founded by Laszlo Szabo, a multi-entrepreneur blockchain technology specialist. Laszlo is the ex-founder of SkillZ, a corporate grade node deployment company and operator for multiple corporations in the energy and financial industries.

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Polyhedra Network

Zk-bridging protocol Polyhedra is a protocol that designs and implements zkBridges and zero-knowledge (ZK) proof technology to offer trustless cross-blockchain transfers of data and value. Polyhedra offers an agnostic protocol across the blockchains networks to ensure a frictionless experience for top of stack applications and secure several billions of transaction flows. This infrastructure protocol offers add-on services for verifiable digital identity system implementation that ensures the continuous lifecycle of assets and privacy of users of any application. The company is founded by Abner Jia, Berkeley PhD, graduated from Tsinghua University (Yao Class), specialized in zero-knowledge cryptography. Abner is surrounded by multiple PhD graduates and cryptographers.

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Game distribution platform on Telegram TONPlay provides a SDK toolkit to distribute gaming on Telegram. Its Telegram integrated middleware enables launch games from Unity files, provide the discovery experience and program a publishing strategy to build and play games leveraging the Telegram network. Publishers can also enjoy foundational analytics, use digital assets on the underlying TON blockchain and nurture direct interactions with the player base. Players can activate the service @PlayDeckbot , benefiting from the social mobile environment to discover, launch and share experiences within the application.    The company is founded by Mikhail Gavrilov, former co-founder and CEO at LiptSoft, a software development company with 150+ engineers. Mikhail has past experiences as Senior VP of IT leading bank's digital transformation and building a family of applications used by millions of customers and thousands of companies.

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