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Efficiency-driven to Sparkle Globally

Sparkle combines specialised expertise in venture investment, technology analysis, and portfolio management to enhance decision-making efficiency. Our efficiency is driven by a commitment to exceptional effort and an entrepreneurial mindset. As venture capital investors, we hold ourselves to the same entrepreneurial standards that we expect from our founders.




Managing Partner

Julien was previously co-founder, CIO and tech lead at Laser Digital, formerly Nomura Digital. Julien benefits from a 20-year career in the investment industry including 8 years as a VC investor. Prior to Nomura, Julien was an Investment Banker at Goldman Sachs. Julien is a former spatial technology engineer graduated valedictorian from ENSAM and holds a MSc in Finance from ESSEC.


Thibaut CHESSÉ

Research Partner

Acquired over 7 years of expertise in blockchain technology architecture and strategy developments. Formerly, head of adoption and technical support at Tezos R&D Laboratory, grant committee member of the Tezos Foundation. Prior to it, Thibaut was Computer Scientist at IBM. Thibaut holds a MSc. in Computer Science from Dauphine University and a MSc. in Finance from Sciences Po.


Victoria REULLIN

Chief Strategy Officer

Victoria is Chief Finance and Talent Officer at Sparkle Ventures. Previously, Victoria had a 10-year career as an independent semiologist and consultant with C-level executives in Western Europe. Prior to it, Victoria was a portfolio manager and talent manager at Allianz. Victoria holds a PhD in Psychology from UCL and a B.A. in Finance from ENASS.



Betty LIU

Corporate Growth

Executive Vice Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange and Chief Experience Officer for its parent company, ICE. She played a pivotal role in over 25 initial public offerings and established the NYSE Board Advisory Council to promote diversity in corporate governance. Her entrepreneurial ventures include founding the Special Purpose Acquisition Company, D and Z Media Acquisition, which experienced a highly successful IPO, and Radiate, an ed-tech firm acquired by ICE in 2018 after securing two rounds of venture capital. 



AI/ML Research

Research Director at Google DeepMind, where he directs cutting-edge projects in artificial intelligence. He holds advanced degrees in machine learning and computer vision from École Normale Supérieure de Cachan and a PhD from École Normale Supérieure. His practical expertise in AI was further developed throughout a postdoctoral position at Stanford University, working with renowned experts like Daphne Koller and Fei-Fei Li, and leading the research on large language models at Meta before his current tenure at DeepMind.



Corporate FinTech

Served as a prominent finance executive to lead advancing electronic trading and digital capabilities within major institutions. Notably, at Goldman Sachs, Cyril was the head of fixed-income, currencies and commodities sales. He was responsible for building the firm's foreign exchange trading systems in-house. Later at BNP Paribas, as the global head of digital and e-commerce for the bank's global markets sales division. In this role, he spearheads the bank's digital initiatives and e-commerce strategies, significantly contributing to digital innovation in the finance industry. 




Fund Administration

Heading Fund Services at Opportunity Financial Services SA in Luxembourg, Hugo oversees a range of services including corporate services and compliance support to answer the daily needs of the fund management.


Aurélie ASTRUC

Director Services

Director at Edmond de Rothschild Private Equity Luxembourg, overseeing investments and strategic operations. Her education background at ESCP and participation in competitive skiing combines discipline and performance, complementing the venture capital firm's focus on innovation and technology-driven investments.


Lindsay CLAUS

Risk Controller

Compliance Manager at Opportunity Financial Services, Lindsay brings a multifaceted background including business consulting at Grant Thornton Luxembourg and various product developments. Lindsay manages regulatory frameworks making her an invaluable asset to ensuring adherence to compliance standards.


The information contained herein are for informational purposes only and therefore does not discuss all the risks associated with an investment in the Fund. Due to risks inherent in any investment, as well as risks specific to an investment in the Fund, it is possible that Limited Partners may suffer a partial or total loss of investment and prospective investors should not subscribe unless they can readily bear the consequences of such loss. Prospective investors should consult with their own counsel and other advisers before deciding to invest in the Fund.

These materials may contain forward-looking statements that are not guarantees of future performance and are subject to many risks, uncertainties and assumptions that are difficult to predict. Therefore, actual returns could be much lower than those expressed or implied in any forward-looking statements as a result of various factors. Sparkle Ventures has no obligation to revise or update these materials or any forward-looking statements set forth herein.

The contents hereof may not be reproduced or disseminated without the express written permission of Sparkle Ventures. 

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