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Sparkle Ventures is a research-driven venture, supporting globally the enablers of transformative internet technologies.

Sparkle Ventures specialises in transformative internet technologies — a sum of advanced infrastructures and middleware services enabling greater networking efficiencies, across disintermediation, scalability, real-time data processing, optimising resource sharing and agent coordination. 


Our methodology focuses on identifying value shifts in internet infrastructures driven by advancement in blockchain, AI/ML automation, and virtualisation technologies. Through this technology-driven approach, we foster specialisation in infrastructure components across developer tool suites, data management systems, enterprise softwares, and protocol components.


We actively support teams composed of computer scientists, domain experts, and seasoned entrepreneurs we consider pivotal in ossifying transformative internet technologies.



“Sparkle Ventures has been a day-one supporter to build cutting-edge zero-knowledge proof systems.”

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“A very proactive team in generating business opportunities to build commercial AI application using federated compute.”



"Our cornerstone partner to sign strategic distributors, to grow our Asset-under-Staking and now to collaborate with leading financial institutions.”

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